Nick Vitale Photography | About
I received my first digital camera in 2004. Since then, I haven't gone more than a few days without taking pictures. My photography career began with a focus on wildlife and nature. As a wildlife biologist, I am able to travel around the country working on short term research projects. Although the moving gets old, I am able to encounter wildlife up close and personal, and witness beautiful landscapes many people will never get the opportunity to see. I’ve traveled from remote lakes in the Great Plains, to the sand dunes of Cape Cod, and down into massive breeding bird colonies in the Everglades. I am now currently based in Florida.

Recently, I have expanded my photography interests to include people as subjects in portraits and fine art. I enjoy mastering the technical and artistic challenges of photography in diverse fields.

Photography isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s a constant, and indescribable urge. I see the world differently than most people, and I feel the need to capture this perspective and share it with others.